Design a conference of extreme conceptual/experimental content about a topic that addresses an aspect of the future put on by an existing organization. This includes designing a 56-page conceptual book, promotional poster, kinetic video, and an entrance badge for an iPhone.


We live in a world where we are connected through social media–an outlet to expose and share the different aspects of our lives bringing us closer than ever. Through this transparency we are more vulnerable than ever, thus susceptible to not only exposure, but identity theft as well. This concept develops a new alphabet that is formulated from genetic code. It contains 64 symbols that represent the genetic alphabet called codons. Your DNA contains a series of genetic codes, each one unique, which will be converted into a special cryptic code based on the characteristics of your DNA. In the future, all your private information could only be verified by this code. This can be the solution to fraud, and identity theft, sensitive data, and could eliminate any possible breaches in security systems.