Design an entirely new retail store brand image and extensive product line. Provide designs for sub-brands and storefront architecture. You must work on this project with a collaborative group of other student designers. 


College students often seek provided dorms, on-campus/off-campus 

apartments, or live at home during their collegiate years. During their first year of enrollment, most students choose to stay in dorms accompanied by roommates or suitemates. When going off to college, it’s a new stage in life, it’s the first time you are moving out, you’re on your own, and moving into a dorm or first apartment. It is an opportunity to live by your own rules and to be able to learn how to take care of yourself. As a brand, it’s important to be there for the guest as they are shifting to a new life stage. Makeshiftis the brand that encourages their guests to take these first steps and inspires them to create a space that they could call home.